Hall of Fame


To ensure their legacies will not be lost, the mission of the Liberia Literary Society Hall of Fame is to honor and preserve Liberia’s rich and diverse literary heritage by commemorating its literary leaders who have shared their words of wisdom and encouragement.

For the purposes of induction into the LLS Hall of Fame, a Liberian writer is defined as one who is a born or naturalized Liberian, or self-identified as a Liberian, regardless of age.

Writers selected for induction
into the LLS Hall of Fame
meet the following criteria:

  • The writer is acclaimed nationally or internationally;
  • The quality of the work is exemplary;
  • The writer has influenced the development and appreciation of literature in Liberia, including all genres; and
  • The writer has achieved a formative and significant place in the history of Liberia literary works.


Inductions are held every year, starting with 2019 as its inaugural. Inductees are selected by a committee of LLS board members.

Suggestions for inductees should be emailed to: libliterarysociety@gmail.com