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a global Literary Library for future generations

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About Liberia Literary Society

Our Mission

The Liberia Literary Society organization’s mission is to preserve Liberia literary works for future generations; to motivate and acknowledge individuals and organizations whose coordinated efforts are being offered through their talents, skills, and substance without political or religious influence; to support initiatives that improve prospects on reading, literacy, and education..


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LLS Hall of Fame.
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  • Now is the time to build the infrastructure needed to preserve and promote Liberia's literary works, learn about Liberia's literary contributors, and share resources. We need your help. Participation and donations are needed to make it happen.
Liberia's Literary Legends
To ensure their legacies will not be lost, the mission of the Liberia Literary Society Hall of Fame is to honor and preserve Liberia’s rich and diverse literary heritage by commemorating its literary leaders. They have shared their words of wisdom and encouragement.

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At A Glance

Benefits of Giving


1. Publish Liberia Literary Society Newsletter (Quarterly Magazine)

2. Book Collection for Schools and Organizations

3. Promote literary activities — Writing Contest.

4. Promote Liberia literature in the digital age by creating an online library — a resource database; an organized record of books on Liberia and/or by Liberian Authors.

5. LLS Annual Achievement Awards — awarded based entirely on members votes; in the following categories Best (Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s Book, Science, Technology, Text Book, Poetry & Essay, Journalism, Sports, Law, Business & Finance, Juvenile, and Politics)

6. Fundraising to support LLS Campaigns — Educational Projects, Scholarships, Publishing.

Join Us

Support the Costs

Donate to the cost of Book Publication, Workshops, Educational Resources, Scholarships, Cost of School Supplies, Teacher Training & Salary, Workbooks Production, and Shipping.


Buy the Books

Buy Enchanting Voices book, and Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege workbooks (available online) 100% of the proceeds go toward scholarships and educational resources.


Sponsor a Child

Help a child grow up educated. Our 2-year program includes a backpack with 9 Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade workbooks & School Supplies. Donate $125.00 per child.



Help raise money for Liberia Literary Society on Facebook by creating a fundraiser.



AmazonSmile is a program where Amazon donates to your favorite charity at no extra cost when shopping at Every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation. We are registered with the amazonSmile program. Please choose Liberia Literary Society as your charity when you shop.



From one-time opportunities to ongoing partnerships, become a kindergarten and elementary school teacher to help students learn and apply important concepts.

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