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Sexy Like A Book

Sexy-Like-A-Book is a Martha Juah Educational Foundation initiative, designed to inspire young women and girls to improve their perspective on reading, literacy, and education. Globally, many barriers continue to prevent girls from accessing quality education, as well as enrolling in, and completing secondary school. An improvement in the chances of the African girl having access to quality education, can only be achieved if we eliminate and break barriers such as female genital mutilation, child marriage, teenage pregnancy, poverty, violence against girls and women, the high cost of school etc., which continue to pose threats to, and prevent girls from accessing and completing primary and secondary school.

BUY Enchanting Voices, and support Sexy-Like-A-Book initiative.

100% of the proceeds from this book will go towards scaling up efforts and providing scholarships and educational resources to Liberian girls, particularly those in rural communities.

If we can inspire a child to love education at a very young age, then we are doing something about possible child labor prevention. Strenuous work keeps children between the ages of seven and fifteen out of school. Poverty might be a major reason, however, traditional beliefs play a part. Being ‘hardworking’ seem a positive goal set for young boys and girls, rather than education. At times, most people don’t even recognize the rights of children, other’s or their own. Liberia Literary Society believes there is a good chance to combat and change this mindset (harmful practice) through our initiative, School-On-The-Go.

School-on-the-Go is a program designed to teach young children who are out of school, and at the marketplace with mothers. This provides pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade scholastic education at the Marketplace. These children are offered backpacks with writing supplies, reading books, workbooks, and other school-supply items used by kindergarteners everywhere, and will be used as a teaching tool. Using a one-on-one approach, as opposed to a classroom setting, this program will prepare students with a solid educational foundation, making a difference in the lives of children as they prepare for their educational journey. No child should be left behind.

Besides providing quality scholastic education, this also creates jobs for high school seniors (part-time), college students (part-time) and (full-time) teachers. One teacher (to 5 children) will be hired to conduct one-hour tutoring session per child, using the Kinder Kollege workbook and a Kindle Fire for kids.

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Liberia Literary Society,
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Liberia Literary Society
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The Write Tool

We also accept new and refurbished laptops pre-installed with open source software. By preloading open source software onto donated laptops, we’re opening up new opportunities to impoverished people who have been left behind in technology.

These laptops are offered to our scholarship recipient students and used in writing workshops.

Mail To:
Liberia Literary Society
6066 Shingle Creek Parkway
Suite 210
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Learning With Sapo is an initiative emphasized on the academic development of young children by making available books and workbooks that help parents and teachers inspire literacy and learning for children in African developing countries; publishing academic books students can relate to culturally.  Liberia Literary Society partners with Sapo Children’s Book (Village Tales Publishing children’s division) to do just that.

15 brick & mortar-Library: one in each county.

We have explored the possible sense of digital library services by providing digitally what physical library services can provide. Recognizing the ongoing need to position Liberia for the digital future, the Liberia Literary Society is creating the digital library systems and services in all [15] fifteen Liberia counties.

The internet has already had a major impact on how people find and access information, and now the rising popularity of e-books will help transform Liberians’ reading habits. Free access to computers and the internet is the most important service of the digital libraries. These libraries are important to families and the communities.