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Liberia County Flags


Origins of Names
Bomi: Gola for “light”.
Bong: named after Mount Bong.
Gbarpolu: portmanteau of Gbarma and Bopolu, the statutory districts from which it was formed.
Grand Bassa: named for the Bassa ethnic group.
Grand Cape Mount: named after a cape, which was named Cape du Mont in 1461 by Portuguese navigator Pêro de Sintra.
Grand Kru: named for the Kru ethnic group.
Margibi: portmanteau of Marshall and Gibi, the territories from which it was formed.
Montserrado: named after the Messurado River.
Nimba: named after Neinbaa Tohn, its highest mountain, whose name is Mano for “a mountain on which sisters slip”.
Rivercess: named after the Cestos River, Cestos is Portuguese for “baskets”.