Kinder Kollege Social Studies: Liberia

Author: Ophelia S. Lewis
Pages: 56
Genre(s): , Education, Civics & Citizenship, Kindergarten
Publisher: Liberia Literary Society
Publication Year: 2020
In a world that is becoming more connected and globalized, 21st-century students must have the skills necessary to understand their world and how geography affects them and others. This workbook covers the four social studies disciplines: history, economics, civics, and geography, forced on Liberia. The student will be able to analyze primary sources, build geography knowledge, know-how culture and geography are related studies, developed a focus on smaller-scale maps like town and city; Learn cardinal directions, how to identify landforms, natural resources, and what is farther or nearer from a point; Learn bill and coins value, and using the calendar; Covers holiday and symbols, character traits, rules and laws, citizenship, patriotism, words to describe time, words to describe a location, maps and globes, primary sources and artifacts, simple timelines, goods and services, money, jobs people do and more.